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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

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Best Healthy Diet on How to Eat Properly and Build Muscle

Our bodies are designed to be very capable of adapting by the “God”.And they like the process of changing or desire it exactly. The fact is that the human’s body can work the most efficiently if it is forced to adapt the change to the new status.For instance,if our bodies are used to exercising under a special workout plan,we will start to find out the functioning at first.

But before long,the functioning begin to lessen.Then it stops. We call this phenomenon a plateau. If we want to avert that,we need to blend all the things together.So the metabolic systems in our bodies can be kept “on the toes”.

Image Source: Bayou fitness dumbbells

For the diets,there is no difference. If you aim to get big muscles or a toned body,you must use the same method to achieve your goal. Have you ever begin to go on a diet?At first, the result is obvious. And then the effect begin to diminish.

You can easily dumbbell set to help build your muscles, all the top muscle builders in the world have one thing in common, and that is, they all recommend adjustable dumbbells sets for all muscle builders!

The reason of this phenomena is that your body can adjust the metabolism to protect itself from cutting over calorie. Your body has no idea of what you are going on a diet for. The task of your body is to keep your metabolism balanced. It doesn’t care your appearance at all.

When the balance in your body is broke,most people like to eat less to get better result. But when you are doing this ,the metabolism becomes more slower under the control of your body.

Today I am going to tell you a healthy diet. It absorbed the greatest parts of the best diet programs. I call it the mixed diet. You can utilize it with your exercise routine. And someday you will get the result you want.
Protein is essential when it comes to building muscles. You need to take it every single meal.Because protein is the main nutrition to create, recover and repair the muscle cells. It is also the most important nutrition to make the muscle cells grow.

Take 30-40 grams of protein after each exercise in half an hour. Each gram of protein contains about four calories. White eggs, organic milk,fresh fishes, beefsteak and chicken(not chicken in junk food store) all have high quality protein.

Summary: 80% protein,7% fat, 12% carbs and 2 Gallons of Water

In this part,you can’t eat anything the whole day. But at the end of this day you need to take about 1,000 calories at one meal. Fast is the key of this part.

The total calories in summary below are around 725.This quantity is enough. You are allowed to take 500~1000 calories at the end day’s meal. One sweet potato included in the last meal is recommended.
Then cycle the calories and try to remember to stick to 1,000 calorie limit at the end of the day.
Summary: 50% carbs, 45% protein, 5% fat and 1.5 Gallons of Water.


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